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Tampax has been making period care products for more than 80 years. Ensuring that our products are safe for the millions of consumers who use them is at the foundation of everything we do. We are confident in the quality and safety of every single ingredient in our Tampax brands, and we are proud to share our history because nothing is more important to us than your well-being.


Information about the major components added to packaging


First and only Fem Care brand to list product ingredients on SmartLabel


Blockchain Web App Technology enabled for organic cotton products – Ingredients will be listed on menstrual product packages in order of predominance

4 Step Safety Process

At Tampax, the safety of our ingredients and materials is the most important choice we make for our products.


The Foundation

When we explore ingredient options or work with our suppliers, we ask questions, just like you. We review all existing safety information and if we can’t be sure that it can be used safely, we won’t use it.


Safe Range

Our PhD scientists and outside experts help us define a safe level for each ingredient. Almost everything in the world has a safe and an unsafe level or limit, including life-sustaining basics like sunlight, oxygen and water.


Safe Product Use

We rely on analytical data in combination with supplier information to ensure that the amount of an ingredient is within the safe limits.


Monitor Use and New Information

Perspective on an ingredient’s safety can change, sometimes seemingly overnight. That’s why we review new literature, assess consumer comments and connect with experts to stay on top of the science.

Vetted and validated by 3rd party experts

High standards and highly selective processes have helped Tampax products obtain these credentials:

Leading with trust and transparency, now and into the future

With your well-being as our ultimate standard, we will continue to feature our ingredients on our packaging, on and so that when you reach for our products, you’ll know they are made with thoroughly evaluated ingredients. Your trust in our products is what keeps us innovating and continuing along our ingredient transparency journey.

Ingredient Safety | Tampax®
Learn more about Tampax® ingredient safety process to give you peace of mind about your period protection.