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Game On with Tampax

Game on with TampaxGame on with Tampax


Gen G

Gen.G is the leading esports organization connecting the U.S. and Asia. The company has quickly become a commercial thought leader, building a global, inclusive and cross-cultural future for sports entertainment. In 2022, Tampax and Always partnered with the global esports organization and Galorants, the largest VALORANT community of female-identifying and nonbinary gamers, to break down gendered stigmas and launch the Astral Clash tournament series with some of the best female-identifying VALORANT players in North America. More information about Gen.G esports and its teams can be found at

United Esports

United Esports

United Esports is a leading North American esports media organization founded in 2018 by industry thought leader Felix LaHaye. In 2020, Tampax and United Esports began its ongoing partnership to work with influential female-identifying gamers to create authentic and humorous videos about the importance of normalizing off-limit topics in the gaming space, like periods – educating and informing Tampax’s previously unreachable consumer. Additional information can be found at

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Get comfy and game on! Break gendered stigamas and learn about our partnerships with leading esports organizations - Gen.G and United Esports.