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Pure Cotton*

*Contains 100% Organic Cotton Core

Free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaching


Protection you trust

Protection you trust
  1. Contains 100% Organic Cotton Core
    FormfitTM design expands to fit your shape
  2. Contains 100% Organic Cotton Outerwrap
    For smooth removal
  3. High Quality 90% Plant-Based Plastic Applicator
  4. Leakguard Braid
    Helps stop leaks before they happen
  5. Cotton String

Your organic cotton core journey

Cotton is Grown

Cotton is Grown

Organic cotton is grown not manufactured. The quality varies considerably depending on the soil and rainfall.

Global demand is high, so to make it sustainable - most cotton is grown from genetically modified seeds so less fertilizer, water, and land is needed.

Cotton is Harvested

Cotton is grown in warm climates. It has been harvested, spun, and woven into cloth by hand since 3,000 years BC.

Cotton is Harvested
Cotton Plant Goes through the Ginning Cycle

Cotton Plant Goes through the Ginning Cycle

The cotton gin, short for engine, separates the soft fibers from the seed. The inventor, a native of Massachusetts, secured a patent on the cotton gin in 1793. The gin could do the work 10x faster than by hand.

The gin made it possible to supply large quantities of cotton fiber to the fast-growing textile industry. Cotton fibers destined for this industry then go on to be spun into thread and woven into fabric.

Cotton is Purified

Tampax Pure Cotton is processed free from elemental chlorine and free from chlorine dioxide. The cotton used in Tampax tampons is purified using a Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) process.

The purification process also removes:

  • The natural waxes & oils, so cotton is more absorbent
  • Natural colorants and contaminants, so cotton is purified
Cotton is Purified
Cotton is Tested

Cotton is Tested

Quality and safety are at the heart of everything we do, and our products are thoroughly evaluated before they reach consumers. We follow a rigorous 4-step safety process to ensure that our products do not contain harmful chemicals and test our products for skin sensitivity.

The cotton in our Tampax products have been certified by the independent label OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 since 2018, which tests for the presence of hundreds of substances for their safe use in period products.

Tampax Pure Cotton tampons contain 100% organic cotton core. The OCS100 Standard credential certifies that the absorbent core is 100% organic cotton, validating the integrity and quality of our organic fibers.

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Tampax Pure Cotton tampons contain 100% organic cotton core. Free of dyes, fragrances and Chlorine bleaching. High-quality 60% plant based plastic applicator for smooth insertion.

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