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Since our invention over 90 years ago, Tampax has paved the way for all of us looking for a better way to manage our periods.

Through the decades, we’ve learned the constant spread of misinformation, coupled with the silence around periods, has stopped many from making informed decisions about their period care.

Nearly a century later, we’re continuing our mission to empower women to experience the protection, comfort and freedom that comes from using tampons.

Most recently, in 2020, Tampax first joined forces with Emmy award-winning comedian and actress Amy Schumer. Together, we ignited a mission to expose the knowledge gap that exists around periods and tampons, helped provide widespread education and set out to make period conversations as normal as periods.

Amy Schumer standing in a blue jacket holding Tampax Pearl Regular and Tampax Pearl Super

However, while we’ve made great progress, there’s still a gap in period and tampon education that continues to hold many of us back.

After connecting with thousands of young women as part of our 2023 Tampax survey, we found that 68% of Gen Z women & girls say they received little or no period education before their period began and more than half (61%) are uncomfortable discussing periods with close friends. This lack of education extends to tampons, with 83% of Gen Z women & girls saying they received little or no education about tampons before their period began.

The biggest problem? Not receiving education about periods and tampons has perpetuated fear and myths, leading many to believe that tampons aren’t for them.


This is especially prominent among underrepresented Gen Z communities, with 43% of Black Gen Z women & girls have never used a tampon at all, despite 41% of Black Gen Z women & girls who have used tampons saying tampons have allowed them to have more freedom on their period.

That’s why we added four game-changing women to our roster – actress and executive producer Marsai Martin, college basketball players Angel Reese and Flau’jae Johnson, and Dr. Nicole Sparks OB/GYN, to continue Tampax’s mission of equipping women with medically accurate education and sparking conversation.


Together with our partners, we'll inspire more women to experience a better way to period by just adding Tampax to their period routine.

The Tampax Period Education Survey, 2023

These are the results of a survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of MSL & Tampax between June 15-19, 2023. For this survey, a sample of 1,440 women and girls from the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii were interviewed online in English. The sample consisted of 910 women ages 18-26 and 530 girls ages 11-17 recruited through their parents. The poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points for all respondents.

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