Find a Tampax tampon to match your flow!

Your flow is different every day. Your tampon should be, too. Choosing the right tampon absorbency throughout your period can make a big difference in protecting you from leaks and helping you have a comfortable experience.

That’s why Tampax tampons are available in 5 absorbencies. You can switch between absorbencies throughout your cycle for better comfort and protection. We’re here to help! Take the Tampax Quiz to help you choose a Tampax tampon to match your period flow.


We’ve got you covered! Based on your answers for your {Q1} flow while you are {Q6}, we recommend that you consider following:




Only use a tampon for up to 8 hours

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Remember that matching your tampon absorbency to your flow throughout your period is important, so answer the questions differently to get a recommendation for a different situation.